Friday, January 25, 2013

Cancer vs Elective

Assalamualaikum cinta !

Hi love, everyone who read this blog will be my love one... sweet kan...? haha.. how love can be easily spread to others..

today is the third week of my elective posting months...meaning there is left only 1 month for me to have a so called holiday before getting into really serious business... mmmm...which is the final year of MBBS ( my study course)..


N= Now , excited2 to tell bout my experienced through out the period..
F=first of all, my elective posting title : "Malaysian Gynaecological patient's Knowledge , attitude & practice on consuming Medicinal plants & herbal product..."

S= second of all, rasa x thrill tulis dlm english plak..hehe... my expectation for number of patients would be 100 ( wrote in my proposal, but then  was changed to 200 by my supervisor...superb *** after all of her encouragement, I finally put a positive hope & aura into this project..

N= Next , everyday I targeted  around 20 patient to be interviewed , so total up to be only 10 days of elective posting and the remaining would be HOLIDAYYYY"...unfortunately , the highest number of lucky person to be interviewed just around 5 , and the lowest so far would be 2... 

A=at that time, i learned the meaning of little'/ sikit pun bersyukur= redha, doa mintak byk lagi...everyday is a hope..

P= one thing that i would not forget was when i was rejected by one of the patient, masa tu tgh struggle nk crik pt of the day,,tup2 air mata meleleh,,,muka dah merah2,,uncontrollable..betapa luluh nye hati time tu,,,,hahahahahak..pape pun sempat cover dpn pt dan trus berlalu pergi...malu betullah ***lps tu lega..dan xkisah pape dah

P=pengalaman kelakar, dgn mak cik N' umor 70 +++ ..pangkat nenek ...hehek.. ble di tanya ttg herba yg dia gunakan,,tup3 mcm poket doraemon, kluar sebijik2 herba yg dia ckp...mula2 pill apricot, then pisang kaki, and the best part ble nenek N suh ak makan & rase ...mmg terharu' lah sgt... terkulat2 muka ble makan,,,sedapp****..thanks nenek ,jasa dan lawakmu ku kenang..

Ini adalah biji apricot..NOw they made into capsule n pills..ubat yg dikatakan bagus utk treat cancer from most of my respondent.

this is Sabah snake grass, cara buat dia, rendam mcm teh and mix with apple utk sedapkan rasa.

B=Benda yg aku suka sgt ialah ble tgh hari , lps berjam2 berkejar2 dr clinic gynae> ward> day care chemo> ward> clinic , last kaki pun lenguh, kepala pun berat, pegi day care chemo balik...patient xde...ehem* ada couch empuk, bole di baringkan 135 degree, aircond, tv....nurse yg baek hati kasi tido...kroohhh333333....haha..1 jam..zzzzz..mmg plg bestttt ****

L= ble perut lapar bgun tdo..ade org offer plak mknn( the nurses and clerk),, nasi lemak lah, oren mandarin la...mmg tgh lapar kan , so dgn muka excitednye , I said  "  NAK, hehe ...rezeki hari ni " nom nom nom...

Give your support to a cancer patient... they deserve to be happy..

conclusion nye..:
semua yang berlaku ni adalah ketentuan dr ILLAHI, apa yg berlaku ada isi tersurat & tersirat ...Bak kata pepatah sapew entah, X KENAL MAKA X CINTA..heehehehekk...

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